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Sylviane Donnio started writing her first children's book at the age of 8, and if she stopped writing it after the tenth line because she thought it was too hard, she did so with the promise that she would start again when she had grown up. Today, after having studied public law, filling many positions in public administration and becoming the mother of 3, she keeps the promise she made to herself.
I'd Really Like to Eat a Child is her very first book.

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I Really Want to Eat a Child

Sylviane Donnio, Dorothee De Monfreid
Sylviane Donnio, Dorothee De Monfreid

Achilles is tired of eating bananas every day. What he really wants is to eat a child - but mum and dad aren't being co-operative! What an idea! They try sausage and chocolate cake, but Achilles is not interested. Will Achilles finally be able to eat a child - or is he just a little too little!'An amusing story with wonderfully expressive illustrations.' - The Independent'The appetizing mixture of domestic breakfast concerns and fierce child-eating monsters will leave children hungry for more.' - Publishers Weekly