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John Agard was born in Guyana and emigrated to Britain in 1977. He has worked as an actor and a performer with a jazz group and spent several years with the Commonwealth Institute, travelling all over Britain giving talks, performances and workshops. He has visited literally thousands of schools.
His poem 'Half-caste' is on the AQA Englsih GCSE syllabus, and every year he tours the country performing with other top poets for GCSE students. His children's poetry includes WE ANIMALS WOULD LIKE A WORD WITH YOU, POINTS OF VIEW WITH PROFESSOR PEEKABOO, and most recently EINSTEIN, THE GIRL WHO HATED MATHS and HELLO H2O, poems about maths and science respectively. All these titles have been in collaboration with the illustrator Satoshi Kitamura
He lives in Sussex and is married to Grace Nichols, herself a respected Caribbean poet. They have a daughter.

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The Rainmaker Danced

John Agard, Satoshi Kitamura
John Agard, Satoshi Kitamura

A brand-new anthology of poems by winner of the Queens Medal and the Eleanor Farjeon Award, John AgardDo trianglesever get into a tangle when their sides meet their angles?In this brand new collection of poems, John Agard draws on themes from nature and science to identity and inclusion, to inspire every reader. Here, we become transported by words and form on a journey through past and present. We are invited to answer life's questions, while having a great deal of fun at the same time ... Answers are folly when questions are bliss?Without questions, do I exist?