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Michael Vogel has worked in animation for over a decade. But after years of pretending to be an adult, he decided to be honest... and he now works from home as a writer and producer. This is his first children's book.
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Goodnight, Baby Flurry Heart

Michael Vogel, Amy Mebberson
Michael Vogel, Amy Mebberson

A glorious bedtime storybook featuring favourite My Little Pony characters, including new arrival Baby Flurry Heart!Baby Flurry Heart just won't go to sleep. Her parents, Princess Cadance and Prince Shining Armour, have tried everything - but bedtime stories full of adventure don't work and neither do gentle stories full of friendship. But when they try a story featuring adventure and friendship, it seems that it might just do the trick. . .A gently humorous, soothing story perfect for bedtime or cuddle time.The perfect celebration of parental love and the power of storytelling.Gloriously rich illustrations capture the magic of Equestria and its pony inhabitants.As seen on Tiny Pop and PopTV.