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Ciara Molloy Tan

Originally from Ireland, Ciara Molloy Tan now lives on Sydney's Northern Beaches. She was inspired to write HERMIONE AND THE ENORMOUS STORM while going for walks around the rock pools at Long Reef in Collaroy and wondering what was happening below the surface.
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Hermione Anemone and the Enormous Storm

Ciara Molloy Tan, Michaela Blassnig
Ciara Molloy Tan, Michaela Blassnig

Alone every day in a pool near the rocks, Hermione Anemone sat knitting some socks.Till one day, which started just like any other, A peculiar thing happened: the pool gave a shudder!Life is quiet and lonely in Hermione Anemone's rock pool until a huge storm washes in some very colourful and lively creatures. Soon Hermione is making friends with the likes of Tony Abalone, Una the Tuna and Sean the Prawn, who all decide that her little pool is the perfect place to play!Ciara Molloy Tan's rollicking text rolls off the tongue and Michaela Blassnig's adorable illustrations capture the fun and excitement of Hermione's underwater party.