Mike Mason - Hachette Children's Group

Mike Mason

From my very early childhood, I only ever dreamed of becoming three things as a grown up - an artist, an athlete, ...and an astronaut!

I have always loved to draw, and I would spend many happy hours as a child creating new characters and developing imaginative worlds for them to explore. Comics, pop-ups and picture books were a major influence throughout my school years, as were cartoons and animation and in particular, Walt Disney.

After completing my foundation course in Art & Design at Epsom Art College, I moved away from my creative studies and spent some years focusing on athletics.

My ultimate ambition was to compete at the Olympic Games! Rather more modestly, I enjoyed many fun filled years representing my club, county, and the South of England in my specialist event - the 400m hurdles. Athletics is still a large part of my life today, but these days I run marathons...and I tend to run a lot more slowly!

In 2010, I decided it was time for me to return to my artistic studies and I was lucky enough to be accepted onto the MA course in Children's Illustration at the Cambridge School of Art. Here, I have learned to combine my love of the creative and the technical to develop my own unique illustrative language - a fusion of hand drawn illustration and elaborate paper engineering.

I'm not entirely sure I have ever grown up?

With childish enthusiasm I still love to read picture books, to eat lots of chocolate and to play with toys. I still love to run for no reason other than the fun of it! But most of all, I still love to draw and to create elaborate and fantastical picture books for all to enjoy.

Oh, and I'm still working on becoming an Astronaut!!