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The Kids' Book of Everyday Science

Kelly Doudna
Kelly Doudna

Can you move a mug using a balloon? Make a square bubble? Can you turn soap into salt? How much water is in a plant?This book includes 40 simple science activities using everyday items to do experiments about temperature, pressure, water, air, heat, plants and many more. Using everyday items such as balloons, bubbles, plants, potatoes and popcorn, each fun and easy activity includes how-to photos, step-by-step instructions and simple explanations of the science behind the experiments. Supply and tool lists and safety information are included, and tips and extra information are provided to extend and expand the scientific experience.Get kids thinking like scientists in no time at all!

Press Release

SLA Second Information Book Award

The School Library Association is delighted to announce the Information Book Award 2012 is opening for submissions on 20th February, sponsored by Hachette Children’s Books.