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Author Spotlight with Graham Marks

Teri Terry

Teri Terry arrived on the children’s book radar last year with her debut novel Slated, which was immediately shortlisted for a number of prizes, and has recently won the 14-16 category of the Leeds Book Awards. Here she talks to Graham Marks about the extraordinary journey she has taken to become an author – a story almost worthy of a book itself.

09 Mar
Waterside Arts Centre, 1 Waterside Plaza, Sale, M33 7ZF

Big Red Bath at the Waterside Arts Centre


Big Red Bath theatre show at Waterside Arts Centre

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Powerpuff Girls Competition

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Author Spotlight with Graham Marks

James Campbell

James Campbell is a playwright, a comedian, a storyteller and he does comedy workshops. He has been described as ‘the only stand-up comedian for children in the known universe’. Last but not least, he’s also an author, of books. Here he talks to Graham Marks about his latest book Boyface and the Tartan Badger.


Night World

From the author that brought you The Vampire Diaries, welcome to the Night World - a secret world of vampires, werewolves, witches, shapeshifters, and ancient souls where humans are prey and relationships with them forbidden. But we all know, there's nothing like forbidden fruit ...


Secret Circle

L J Smith's compelling witchcraft sequence...


Stefan's Diaries

In this thrilling new series fans of the hit television show THE VAMPIRE DIARIES will finally find out how a passionate romance with a dangerous girl turned loving brothers into deadly enemies.

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Beast Quest Activity Sheets

Over three million Beast Quest books have been sold since 2007. The books follow the story of Tom, a young hero on a quest to save the kingdom of Avantia from the evil wizard Malvel and the beasts he has enchanted. Download Beast Quest activity sheets here.

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Amazing Esme Activity Sheets

Tamara Macfarlane has written a gorgeous series starring the dazzling circus acrobat, Esme Miranda-Maclinkey, and her trusty side-kick, Donk - the ugly but loveable donkey! Join in the fun by downloading Amazing Esme activity sheets here.

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Espresso Phonics Resources

Espresso Phonics books have carefully graded, fun stories, featuring the well-known characters from Espresso Education, which support the teaching of reading through synthetic phonics. Download resources here.

08 Mar
Biddick Lane, Fatfield, Washington NE38 8AB

Big Red Bath at Arts Centre Washington


Big Red Bath theatre show at Arts Centre Washington

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Best of Enemies, Best of Friends Resources

Best of Enemies, Best of Friends is a collection of poetry celebrating good friendship and how to cope with bad acquaintances. Download resources to accompanying the book here.

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Putting on a Play Resources

The Putting on a Play series includes four fun plays for children that can be performed as a class or read during a literacy lesson. Download teacher resources and worksheets here.

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Blanche and Rocky Activity Sheet

Blanche embarks on an exciting adventure to meet her penfriend and best friend, Rocky. But when Blanche arrives at the North Pole, she finds out that Rocky has gone to visit her in the South Pole! Download a Blanche and Rocky activity sheet here.

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Me, the Queen and Christopher Activity Sheets

Me, the Queen and Christopher is a touching and funny story about one little girl's adventures with the Queen. The story is comic, irreverent and heart-warming. Download activity sheets here.

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