Hodder Children’s Books sign youngest author ever – the boy with the big art!

Press Release

24 May 2011

Hodder Children’s Books are delighted to announce the acquisition of Jack Draws Anything, a collection of wonderful drawings by the Internet sensation and delightful Jack Henderson – aged 6.

Jack Henderson came to fame when he started to raise money by drawing pictures for donations, for The Sick Kids Friends Foundation, the charity for the hospital that takes care of his brother. Hodder joins forces with Jack and The Sick Kids to spread the word even further and to help raise more money for the foundation.

To date Jack has raised over £16,000 and as he keeps on drawing the amount keeps growing. Keep track on Jack's website

After a family friend bought one of his drawings for 20p, six-year-old Jack came up with the idea to "draw anything" in return for donations to the hospital that treats his two-year-old brother. His parents set up a website and thought they might make £100. After two weeks, Jack had over 500 picture requests and had raised over £10,000 for the Sick Kids Friends Foundation.

Hodder are rushing the project through in order to publish in October 2011.

Sara O’Connor - Senior Editorial Manager says:
“I found out about the project one week in through Facebook. A friend of my 'liked' it and I clicked on her link. The first picture I saw was "Heatblast for Charlie Prentice #27" and then flipped through the rest of the pictures and stories and couldn't stop smiling. This was a story that deserved a much wider audience.”

Anne McNeill – Publishing Director of Hodder Children’s Books says:
“The joy of a book like this is the authentic creativity and kindness of the child at the heart of it. Thank you to Jack. We're so proud to publish it."

Maureen Harrison from The Sick Kids Friends Foundation says:
“Little did we know when Jack decided that he would do drawings for friends to raise funds for the Sick Kids Friends Foundation, to thank staff at the children's hospital in Edinburgh for the care that his little brother Noah has had, that Jack Draws Anything would become an Internet phenomenon and now a book, published by such a prestigious company as Hodder. We are thrilled that Jack's wonderful talent has achieved such acclaim and that he and his family have chosen to donate royalties from the book to The Sick Kids Friends Foundation.”

And in the words of Jack Henderson:
“I am doing this because my little brother Noah goes to Hospital lots and the name of it is Sick Kids Hospital in Edinburgh. I am going to give my money to Sick Kids Friends Foundation. I want to give them £20,000 cause they looked after me, Toby and especially Noah. He can't breathe very well sometimes. Everytime he goes in I think he is going to die. I have over 500 drawings to do. PLEASE can you give me some donation money. Thank you.”

The heart warming story continues.