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Jerome and Susana are married with a son and a daughter who provide them with lots of inspiration for their Horse and Fox characters. Before creating MINE! they produced an iPad app called The Phantom Clickerist, a digital story book for children. Jerome and Susana are both designers, working mostly in magazines.
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Jerome Keane, Susana De Dios
Jerome Keane, Susana De Dios

Sometimes it's hard to share, but Fox and Horse show the funny side!Fox and Horse were BORED. B.O.R.E.D.There was nothing to do as nothing had happened for a Very Long Time.But then something DID happen. A thing arrived..."It's MINE!" said Horse."It's MINE!" said Fox.One 'thing' between two characters? How is that going to work? Follow Horse and Fox as they eventually learn that playing together is best.Heaps of humour makes this important life lesson easy to learn - with witty text and terrifically funny art.