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Police and Combat is a series of four books in the Radar range - books that deliver streetwise, high interest, non-fiction reads to your classroom or library. Each title contains a range of literacy text types that feature in the form of magazine-style content:
• Expert interviews
• Debates on controversial topics
• Real Life stories (biographies)
• Blogs
• information articles
• posters, photoguides and many other visual aids.

These offer children gripping and engaging writing styles that can be used as part of inspirational stimulus activity in English, and other cross-curricular study.

The titles in this series are:
Armed Services:  Get the stats on the fastest and best combat aircraft and read how it feels to be behind enemy lines.

Police Forensics:  Discover the forensic officer’s tools of the trade and follow his typical day.

Special Forces:  Read about the world’s top level fighting forces and learn about what it’s like in the SAS.

Undercover Operations:  Read the thrilling story of an MI6 spy and discover who the most famous double agents are in history.

Downloadable resources that support each title comprise:

  1. 1.    Teaching notes about using the text types that appear in the books for extended studies, PLUS ideas for differentiation and Gifted students.
  2. 2.    Photocopiable worksheets for free distribution to reinforce learning and writing skills.

Although these resources have been created to link with the books, they can be used separately.


Police Forensics resources Special Forces resources


Undercover Operations resources Armed Services resources