Popcorn: Where I Live Resources

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Where I Live is a series of four books in the Popcorn range that introduces how children live in different places in the UK. Curriculum units covered include: How does where you live change what you can do? What is the local area like in a city, a village, by the seaside, on in an island home? These books can also be used in literacy as they feature many examples of report text, such as contents, non-chronological text, maps, captions, index, glossary, and more.

The downloadable resources that support this series comprise teacher’s notes and a photocopiable worksheet for each title. These enable you to ensure that children have understood key concepts or ideas. Use the worksheets in a guided reading session, for individual projects, topic-based group work or for homework:

In a City worksheet: Where would you go, or what would you do, if you could have a day out in London?

On an Island worksheet: What do you think are the good and bad things about living on an island?

By the Seaside worksheet: Make a poster telling people how they can enjoy spending
time at the seaside.

In a Village worksheet: Draw lines to join up what gets done in a village to where it gets done.


Where I Live resources