Popcorn: Seasons Resources

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Seasons is a series of four books in the Popcorn range that helps children to make observations about seasonal changes in weather and recognise changes in the environment. This series is also useful in science in the study of life processes and living things: exploring how seasons affect animals and plants, and why we have seasons. These books can also be used in literacy as they feature many examples of report text, such as contents, non-chronological text, captions, index, glossary, and more.

The downloadable resources that support this series comprise teacher’s notes and a photocopiable worksheet for each title. These enable you to ensure that children have understood key concepts or ideas. Use the worksheets in a guided reading session, for individual projects, topic-based group work or for homework:

Autumn  worksheet: Colour the autumn rainbow, using autumn colours.

Spring  worksheet: Draw a picture showing the new life for each box and write a caption for each of your pictures.

  worksheet: Write a list of the 5 best things in the book that happen in summer.

Winter  worksheet: Write your own glossary definitions.


Seasons resources