Popcorn: History Corner Resources

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History Corner is series of nine books in the Popcorn range that explore key events and significant people in British history, such as the Great Fire of London and Florence Nightingale, in addition to important historical periods. These books can also be used in literacy as they feature many examples of report text, such as contents, chronological and non-chronological text, captions, index, glossary, and more.

The downloadable resources that support this series comprise two sets of teacher’s notes and a photocopiable worksheet for each title. These enable you to ensure that children have understood key concepts or ideas. Use the worksheets in a guided reading session, for individual projects, topic-based group work or for homework:

Set 1: Four titles covering British history

Florence Nightingale  worksheet: What did Florence do to make things better for soldiers in hospitals?

Great Fire of London  worksheet: Sequence events in order.

Gunpowder Plot  worksheet: Label pictures and write about the Gunpowder plot.

Remembrance Day  worksheet: Write three things you know about Remembrance Day under the headings.


Set 2: Five titles cover historical periods

Ancient Egyptians  worksheet: Write glossary definitions for key terms.
Romans  worksheet: Complete the table to show how rich and poor people lived in Roman times.

Tudors  worksheet: Complete the sentences about life in Tudor times.

Victorians  worksheet: Read about Victorian children and think about your own life. Write and draw about things that were the same and things that are different.

Vikings  worksheet: The Vikings were craftsmen and they made many objects. In the boxes below, write and draw what they made from each material.


Set 1: British history resources Set 2: Historial periods resources