Popcorn: Geography Corner Resources

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Geography Corner is a series of four books in the Popcorn range that introduces children to key concepts in physical geography. Titles can be used for learning about landform features and for local environment study. These books can also be used in literacy as they feature many examples of report text, such as contents, non-chronological text, maps, captions, index, glossary, and more.

The downloadable resources that support this series comprise teacher’s notes and a photocopiable worksheet for each title. These enable you to ensure that children have understood key concepts or ideas. Use the worksheets in a guided reading session, for individual projects, topic-based group work or for homework:

Coasts  worksheet: Make a poster to remind people why we need to keep our beaches clean.

Mountains  worksheet: Explain how each of the examples shown manage to live on a mountain.

Rainforests  worksheet: Label the rainforest layers and draw a creature that lives in each layer.

Rivers  worksheet: Write what happens at each stage when a river flows to the sea.


Geography Corner resources