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    • ISBN:9780752846576
    • Publication date:06 Apr 2001
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    • Publication date:18 Apr 2002
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Asterix And The Actress

Album 31

By Albert Uderzo

  • E-Book
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ASTERIX is a cultural phenomenon. This is the 31st album to feature Asterix and his friends - and it is now available in ebook format for the first time in English!

Asterix and Obelix are celebrating their joint birthday party back in the Gaulish village - and some surprise guests have been invited! Meanwhile, Julius Caesar has to deal with his old enemy Pompey, who is looking for supporters among the legions stationed in Gaul. And just what what part do two old friends play in the story - Tremensdelirius, from ASTERIX AND CAESAR'S GIFT, and the lovely Panacea, first encountered in ASTERIX AND THE LEGIONARY? After many exciting adventures, all is finally revealed...

Biographical Notes

Rene Goscinny was born in Paris in 1926, and spent most of his childhood in Argentina, before eventually moving to Paris in 1951. He died in 1977. Albert Uderzo was born in 1927 in a small village in Marne, France. He met Rene Goscinny in 1951 and on 29 October 1959 their most famous creation, Asterix, made his first appearance on page 20 of Pilote. ASTERIX THE GAUL, their first album, was published in 1961 and there have now been 35 Asterix albums.

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  • ISBN: 9781444013382
  • Publication date: 04 Sep 2014
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  • Imprint: Orion Children's Books