Beast Quest

  • Beast Quest

    Quagos The Armoured Beetle

    One of the Crown Jewels is still missing, but wicked Velmal has saved the most frightening Beast for last... Tom must battle to retrieve the precious sceptre from the giant stag beetle Quagos, but will he be able to defeat his enemy?
  • Beast Quest

    Sticker Activity Book

    Explore the world of Beast Quest with this exciting activity book. With word puzzles, sticker games and imaginative activities, there's plenty to keep young fans busy.
  • Beast Quest Early Reader

    Kragos & Kildor the Two-headed Demon

    Perfect for Beast Quest's youngest fans, this full-colour Early Reader has been specially adapted from a bestselling Beast Quest Special.
Beast Quest

Series One

An evil Wizard has enchanted the magical Beasts of Avantia - only a true hero can free the Beasts and stop them from destroying the land. Is Tom the hero Avantia has been waiting for?
Beast Quest

Series Two

The evil Wizard, Malvel, has stolen the magical suit of golden armour and scattered it throughout Avantia. Tom vows to find the pieces – but they are guarded by six terrifying new Beasts!
Beast Quest

Series Three

The good Beasts of Avantia have been captured by six terrible new Beasts and taken to Gorgonia. To free the Beasts, Tom journeys into the sinister Dark Realm…
Beast Quest

Series Four

Taladon the Swift has returned! But to Tom’s horror, his father is a ghost. To save Taladon, Tom must battle the Ghost Beasts and collect the pieces of the shattered Amulet of Avantia.

Beast Quest Website

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Beast Quest

Series Five

In the realm of Gwildor, the Mistress of the Beasts is under a wicked curse. To release her, Tom must defeat the ferocious Beasts that guard the pieces of her crown.
The Chronicles of


Avantia stands on the edge of an abyss. dark armies, led by a malevolent warlord, are mustering on its borders. But destiny has chosen an unlikely hero to fight the threat...
Beast Quest

Series Six

Tom's most challenging Quest awaits! Can he rescue his mother from the evil enchantment of the devious Wizard Velmal by finding six potion ingredients, all guarded by terrifying Beasts of Kayonia?
Beast Quest

Series Seven

Evil Wizard Malvel rules the land of Tavania, and he is bent upon its destruction. Can Tom help Tavania's good wizard return from exile by defeating six maddened Beasts who are wrecking havoc in the land?
Beast Quest

Series Eight

Can Tom and Elenna find the mysterious Tree of Being and rescue Freya and Silver from Tavania?
Beast Quest

Series Nine

Evil Wizard Malvel has stolen the treasured Warlock's Staff! If he reaches the Eternal Flame in the mysterious realm of Seraph, he will rule all the kingdoms.
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Beast Quest

Series Ten

Tom's most dangerous Quest yet is about to begin - will he prevail?
Beast Quest

Series Eleven

A new evil enemy and dangerous realm await Tom on his new Beast Quest. Elko Lord of the Sea has risen from the waves to wreak havoc. Can Tom overcome this deadly peril?
Beast Quest

Series Twelve

Tom is about to embark on his biggest Quest yet! The lands of Avantia, Kayonia and Gorgonia are under attack from six Evil Beasts.

Adam Blade

Adam Blade is the name for a small collective of authors who have been writing the bestselling series Beast Quest and Sea Quest for ten years! Beast Quest has now sold over 10 million copies. The newest series from the Adam Blade team is called Team Hero.

You can find out more about all these amazing adventures at the series websites: and

Beast Quest

Series 13

Tom must complete a trial to prove himself as the Master of the Beasts.
Beast Quest

Series 14

Having successfully walked the Warrior's Road, Tom must tackle four Beasts controlled by his lifelong foe, Kensa...
Beast Quest

Series 15

Wicked Velmal has returned with a new plot - to destroy the happiness of two realms!
Beast Quest

Special Bumper Editions

Join Tom, our hero, for these Beast Quest special bumper editions. Two stories in one!
Beast Quest

Master Your Destiny

Be the hero in these exciting new adventures! Join Tom and his companions in these stories with a difference, where your decisions determine the outcome!
Beast Quest

Early Reader

Perfect for Beast Quest's youngest fans, these full-colour Early Readers have been specially adapted from bestselling Beast Quest Specials.
Beast Quest

Sticker and Activity Books

Beast Quest fans will love these exciting sticker and activity books!