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Grandma Dangerous and the Dog of Destiny

Kita Mitchell
Kita Mitchell

A stolen dog, thirty pounds of biscuits and a hot-air balloon ride to Australia - nothing is dull when Grandma Dangerous is around!Ollie Brown's mum is an award-winning Health & Safety Officer, while his dad and grandma are intrepid explorers. When Dad's plane crash-lands in an Australian crocodile swamp, Mum rushes off to find him and 'Grandma Dangerous' comes to stay. Grandma's always getting into trouble; the sort that involves rhinos, gunpowder and snakes. So naturally, she and Ollie decide Mum needs their help. They hatch a plan that involves a stolen priceless dog, Piper the meanest girl in school, a trip to the local casino and a proven-to-be-dangerous means of transport. They all set off for the Australian Outback, with several hangers-on in tow...